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Veggie Meal Replacement Vanilla Bean Flavored (3lb)

Veggie Meal Replacement Vanilla Bean Flavored (3lb)

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  • 22g of complete plant-based protein 
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar levels**
  • Helps mediate hunger**
  • With enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals


Our Veggie Meal Replacement is a complete vegan and vegetarian-friendly, meal-on-the-go.** In a single scoop, Veggie Meal provides all the macronutrients found on a well-balanced plate. 

We used a precise blend of plant protein that ensured the delivery of all essential amino acids while also providing the micro- and macronutrients you’d find in a typical meal. The addition of fiber helps keep you full while also slowing down the digestive process.**  Whether you want to support healthy weight management, lean body composition, or fortify a meal, our unique formula is here to meet your nutritional needs.

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