Our Contribution to the Environment

Since 1995, MRM has strived to keep our sustainability efforts in mind when sourcing ingredients and materials for our products.

MRM Nutrition directly assesses every ingredient sourced. Farms, growers, and processors are regularly assessed to ensure proper certifications, land management, maintaining soil optimization, farmer fairness, and sensitivity to wildlife habitat and environment.

We believe in guiding and supporting people on their healthy journey. Proper nutrition plays a huge part in healthy mind, body, and spirit. That’s why we’re obligated to doing our part in improving the lives of people in our community. Check out some of the sustainability accomplishments we are proud of:


2010: MRM Nutrition began using the Non-GMO Project to verify products.
2014: We started working with Vegan action and certifying all of our vegan products.

2015: Organic Certified to began Produce Organic Products  

2016-2017: MRM Nutrition began sourcing PCR Bottles for all powdered products as a way to reuse recycled plastics. We aim to educate our customers on the importance of recycling to better the world we live in and because the numbers show that less that 10% of Plastics are recycled yearly.

2018: We aim to partner with companies who are committed to using renewable energy sources throughout their production. We plan on going solar at our powder manufacturing facility in Michigan in 2021.
2019: We diverted 1,054,000 PCR-PET bottles with a total weight of 25,200 kg from landfills that instead went into creating our bottles. That comes to 25.2 metric tons of plastic.

2020:  We joined the SPC-Sustainable Packaging Coalition.
and converted our superfoods pouches to recyclable pouches: Matcha Green Tea, Organic Cacao, Organic Fiber, Organic Moringa and Organic Detox and Cleanse.

95% or more of pouches on the market are not recyclable, it's relatively new for printed standup pouches to be recyclable.

Separating MRM Nutrition from many others is that we are in charge of both all raw materials and all manufacturing processes.

MRM Nutrition primarily sources certified organic, non-GMO Project Verified ingredients from USA-based farms. If we can’t find sources that meet our stringent requirements and guidelines, we nurture relationships with non-USA growers who do.