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Respiratory Health

Respiratory Health

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  • Assists Respiratory Health**
  • Aids Glutathione Production**
  • Supports Liver & Mitochondrial Health** 


NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) is a highly stable form of cysteine that provides antioxidant support. Clinically, NAC has a high affinity for assisting lung and respiratory health through its mucolytic and antioxidant activity thinning and loosening mucus in air passageways. With its ability to replenish glutathione levels, NAC protects against oxidative damage and balances inflammatory markers assisting bronchial health and breathing.

Quercetin is a flavonoid that acts as an antioxidant to protect the body from free radicals while recycling vitamin C and supporting immune health. It also has shown to support the detoxification process for your respiratory system and assists lung health.

Serratiopeptidase is a proteolytic enzyme, meaning it breaks down proteins into smaller components called amino acids. Serratiopeptidase has been shown to support respiratory health by increasing mucus clearance and reducing inflammatory markers of the airways.

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