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CoQ-10 with L-Carnitine Liquid

CoQ-10 with L-Carnitine Liquid

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Supports energy production and antioxidant protection

  • Supports cardiovascular and immune health**
  • Supports the utilization of fat for energy**
  • Supports healthy weight management**

CoQ-10 is a crucial compound needed by the mitochondria of every cell to produce energy, and is especially important to heart, liver, and kidney tissue. In addition to producing energy, CoQ-10 supports cell membrane stabilization and acts as an antioxidant.** L-Carnitine plays a critical role in fat metabolism in heart and skeletal muscle tissue where fat conversion to energy is required most.**

Our CoQ10 with L-Carnitine contain only the highest quality CoQ-10 naturally derived form a fermentation process as opposed to a synthetic form. Evidence shows that pre-emulsified CoQ 10 delivery forms allows for increased absorption over powdered forms.

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