What does MRM stand for?

  • MRM stands for Metabolic Response Modifiers. Our Founder, Mark, had just started Chemi-Source and was producing and distributing a few novel ingredients (melatonin, DHEA, alpha lipoic acid, etc) and ran into some alternative medicine Doctors who wanted these ingredients in a finish dose formulation. He always cherished old medical papers of mentors who discussed interesting compounds and emulsions that have pronounced effects as “biological response modifiers.” Mark focused on these “Metabolic Response Modifiers” leading him to create MRM Nutrition, a brand focused on supporting one's metabolism and health as a whole.
Where is your manufacturing facility? 
  • Michigan and California, U.S.A. 

Are your products non-GMO? 

  • Yes, all MRM Nutrition products are Non-GMO Project Verified. 

Protein and pregnant women? 

  • All of our protein powders are completely safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women as it is food. We always recommend you speak with your physician when adding a supplement to your diet. 

Do you have Vegan Products? 

  • Yes, we have a variety of vegan products ranging from proteins, superfoods, vitamins and minerals.

Are your bottles sustainable? 

  • Yes, all of our powdered bottles are made from post consumer recycled materials and are recyclable.

Are you products Gluten-Free? 

  • A variety of MRM products are Gluten Free. These products will have the Gluten Free Certification on the label and product page description.

What kind of protein do you offer? 

Does Driven Pre Workout have Caffeine? 

  • Yes, our Driven Pre Workout contains Caffeine from tea. 

Does Organic Pre Workout Have Caffeine? 

  • Yes, our Organic Pre Workout contains Caffeine from tea.

What is the difference between Reload BCAA+G and BCAA+G? 

  • The BCAA + G has a very small amount of the lemonade flavor and is geared towards our customers who are looking for the branched chained amino acids without the sweet taste like most on the market. The BCAA+G is also made with the intent to dry scoop and doesn’t mix with water as easily. The Reload BCAA+G will offer the same branched chain amino acids for a post workout and a sweeter taste. The Reload BCAA+G mixes well with water for your post workout beverage.

Does MRM test on animals? 

  • MRM does not test on animals nor condones any party to do animal testing. For many of MRM products, they are vegan certified and offer third party verification these products were not tested on animals.

Do you have samples?