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Veggie Elite® Performance Protein Vanilla Bean Flavored (2lb)

Veggie Elite® Performance Protein Vanilla Bean Flavored (2lb)

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 Our Clinically Tested Complete Plant Protein

  • 24g of complete plant-based protein
  • Supports lean muscle maintenance and growth**
  • With 4.5 g of BCAAs and 9.5 g of Essential Amino Acids

    MRM Veggie Elite® Performance Protein is a highly digestible complete protein alternative to whey protein made with a combination of Pea and Brown Rice Protein. Our balanced formula provides the many critical essential and nonessential amino acids necessary for performance, recovery and repair to support lean muscle and a healthy body.**

    We added digestive enzymes to help your body to naturally breakdown nutrients while eliminating any unwanted bloating or gas associated with increasing plant protein intake.** 

    Our Veggie Elite® offers an easy way to add protein to your diet in a simple drink, smoothie, easy to add recipes or create your own.

    Check out some Veggie Elite recipes!

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