Veggie Elite®

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  • No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
  • 24 grams of soy-free, complete protein*
  • Non-GMO Project Verified, allergen-free, gluten-free, and cholesterol-free
  • Flavorful whey alternative to support demands of athletic performance*
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • Patent Pending formula
Flavor Size SKU
Salted Caramel 2lbs
Matcha Latte 2lbs
Vanilla Bean 2lbs 72225
Chocolate Mocha 2lbs 72226
Cinnamon Bun 2lbs 72227
Vanilla Bean 1lb 72265
Chocolate Mocha 1lb 72266

Despite old stereotypes that athletes cannot adequately perform and compete eating a plant-based diet, MRM Veggie Elite® offers a true alternative to whey that enables both vegans and vegetarians the opportunity of peak performance. Now, athletes have a choice in a tasty, satisfying, plant-based protein that meets daily protein requirements. The pea and brown rice selected for MRM Veggie Elite® contains a minimum of 80 percent protein content by weight, offering higher digestibility, absorption and retention than can be achieved from whole food combinations. This balanced formula provides the many critical essential and nonessential amino acids necessary for performance, recovery and repair to support lean tissue and a healthy body composition.* Whole food protein combinations mean athletes would need to consume plates of vegetables and legumes to equal the amount of protein necessary to meet daily requirements – equating to an excess of carbohydrates and roughage. Gas, bloating, lengthy digestion times and caloric excess may compromise performance and body composition goals. MRM Veggie Elite® delivers 24 grams of complete protein in each serving, and eliminates the need for the over-consumption of vegetables and other macronutrients to meet an athlete’s demanding daily protein requirements.* The unique addition of Digest-All® VP enzyme blend to Veggie Elite aids protein digestion and assimilation further, assuring rapid access to a steady stream of muscle-sparing proteins. Ideal for those who seek to maintain or build muscle, or those who want to add plant-based options to the diet, MRM Veggie Elite® ably delivers all of the essential amino acids necessary to meet human health standards of consumption, along with vital Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) to aid maximum muscle growth and exercise recovery.* Suitable for anyone – from athletes to those who follow strict plant-based diet regimen, to those who are unable to tolerate egg, milk, or soy proteins due to allergies or undesirable gastrointestinal side effects – MRM Veggie Elite® is a great alternative to milk-based whey and soy plant proteins.

FLAVOR                   SIZE     UPC
Salted Caramel       2lbs      609492722447
Matcha Latte          2lbs      609492722430
Vanilla Bean            2lbs      609492722256
Chocolate Mocha   2lbs      609492722263
Cinnamon Bun        2lbs      609492722270
Vanilla Bean            1lb         609492722652
Chocolate Mocha   1lb         609492722669

Protein is made up of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of your muscles and body. Your stomach begins to digest the proteins with Hydrochloric Acid that breaks them down into simpler forms (Di and Tri-Peptides) making them easier to be absorbed. When proteins get absorbed into the bloodstream, they are sent to various parts of your body to perform various functions, including repairing and building muscle tissues, supporting your immune system, and transporting oxygen in your red blood cells.*

Having a sufficient amount of protein will put you in a positive nitrogen balance, or an anabolic state. Being in an anabolic state will allow you to build muscle, burn body fat and stay energized.* On the contrast, if you have a negative nitrogen balance because of inadequate and inconsistent protein intake you risk being in a catabolic state (muscle breakdown). Consuming protein each meal throughout the day will ensure you have an adequate supply of amino acids without consuming a surplus of calories.

Protein needs differ from person to person. Individuals that exercise need more daily protein intake than those that do not exercise. The intensity of the exercise also dictates how much protein one needs to build lean muscle.

Veggie Elite® was scientifically corrected for its amino acid score. Our patent pending formula of pea and rice protein makes it the ONLY COMPLETE vegan protein on the market proven by science. A complete protein provides all of the essential amino acids in the proper ratio your body needs but cannot make on its own.

Take 1 scoop daily for those trying to increase dietary protein intake.

MRM’s Veggie Elite® is safe for women who are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or are nursing. MRM does recommend informing your doctor of any supplement you take or plan to take if you are pregnant or nursing.

MRM’s Veggie Elite® can be safely consumed by all ages.

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