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BCAA+G™ Ultimate Recovery Formula Lemonade Flavored (180g)

BCAA+G™ Ultimate Recovery Formula Lemonade Flavored (180g)

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Support muscle recovery and maintenance post-workout

  • Promotes increased strength, speed, and power**
  • Supports muscle recovery and reduces fatigue**
  • Supports lean muscle maintenance**

        BCAA+G™ 1000 is our post-workout drink mix with a precise blend of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and L-Glutamine, which are clinically proven to be essential for building lean muscle, improving strength and reducing recovery time.** Increases protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and protect your muscles from the stress of heavy training and intense exercise with BCAA+G™ 1000 Ultimate Recovery.**

        During intense training or dieting, muscle tissue can decrease, drastically reducing protein synthesis, or the ability to build muscle. Research has indicated that BCAAs and Glutamine supplementation support the free amino acid pool in the muscle tissue necessary for supporting protein synthesis and allowing the body to build lean muscle mass. Because the body cannot manufacture its own BCAAs, their importance is vital for maximum muscle growth and recovery.** Take BCAA+G™ during and/or after exercise to maintain metabolic rate and discourage muscle wasting.**

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