Berry & Vanilla Chia Pudding

Start your morning with a high protein and fiber breakfast to fuel your day! ☀️⁠

This chia seed pudding is packed with fiber from the chia seeds and protein from our Egg White Protein powder! ⁠

Vanilla Chia Pudding (makes 2 servings)⁠
-1 scoop Egg White Vanilla Protein
-1/4 cup chia seeds⁠
-1 cup oat milk or milk of choice⁠
-2 tsp honey⁠
-fresh fruit⁠

  1. Add all ingredients to a bowl. Mix well then refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours. For best consistency refrigerate overnight. ⁠
  2. Add a serving to a small glass or bowl. Top with fresh fruit and enjoy!⁠
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