What Does Red Yeast Rice Do To Your Body?

Rice is an important element of many cultures. Some sorts of rice, such as brown rice, are even considered superfoods for their dense nutritional content. 

Red yeast rice, for instance, is one very noteworthy sort of rice with deep roots in Chinese culture. For centuries it has been a remedy against high cholesterol, heart issues, pain, and obesity. 

Today, these supplements are again at the apex of popularity and are sold without a prescription.

This article will answer the most popular questions about red yeast rice supplements, such as:

  • What does red yeast rice do to your body?
  • How to avoid the potential red yeast rice side effects?
  • How much red yeast rice to take?

Without further ado, let’s dive just right in.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Red Yeast Rice Supplements?

If you're seeking natural supplements for sustained well-being, red yeast rice might be just the ticket for you. Explore how the unique compounds of this superfood contribute to cardiovascular well-being and other aspects of your health.

Heart strengthening 

Containing a compound known as monacolin K, which inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol, red yeast rice may help balance the cholesterol levels in your body and contribute to a healthier cardiovascular system.

Reduced risk of metabolic syndrome 

The cholesterol-lowering properties of the superfood can notably help in decreasing the risk of such conditions as stroke, diabetes, and heart diseases — all related to metabolic syndrome. 

Some studies have also explored its potential anticancer effects, revealing its capability to hold back the spread of cancer cells.

Relieved chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation is linked to various health issues, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and metabolic syndrome. Several studies showed that long-term intake of the superfood might significantly relieve chronic inflammation and help reduce oxidative stress in your body. 

How Long Does It Take for Red Yeast Rice to Lower Cholesterol?

Several factors might impact how soon you notice the first improvements — such as your age, gender, and various specific aspects. However, research suggests that regular consumption of monacolin K found in the superfood over 6-8 weeks might help reduce cholesterol by up to 25%.

Why Should You Take Red Yeast Rice At Night?

It is assumed that these supplements show better lipid-lowering effects when taken in the evening. One study compared the effect of red yeast rice to simvastatin — the latter is recommended to be taken before bed for better results.

Is It Okay To Take Red Yeast Rice Every Day?

How long does red yeast rice stay in your system and is it safe to take it daily? It might take up to several days for your organism to fully clear itself from the supplement. And while it is recommended to take the superfood daily for noticeable results —  it is reasonable to start with smaller amounts, keeping an eye on your body’s possible reactions.

If you also wonder, “How much red yeast rice should I take?” — the recommended dosage per day is between 1,200 and 2,400 mg. It should be taken with your meal or as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

What To Know About Red Yeast Rice Side Effects?

What are the superfood's side effects, and is red yeast rice bad for your kidneys? Even though red yeast rice side effects are not a common case for many people, some individuals might be more sensitive to it. 

In some rare cases, the overuse may cause bloating and digestion. Additionally, it might be challenging for your kidneys and liver to tolerate large amounts of this supplement. 

The superfood should be taken with caution in some specific cases:

  • When taken with CoQ10. Taking this supplement with CoQ1 is generally safe. However, in rare cases, some side effects of red yeast rice with CoQ10 may include allergic reactions.

  • When taken with alcohol. The combination of red yeast rice and alcohol is not harmful itself, yet it might cause too much overload on your liver and damage its health.

To get extra cautious, keep in mind that there are red yeast rice brands to avoid — such as manufacturers that aren’t approved by the FDA and whose supplements were not third-party tested.

Overall, to ensure that your red yeast rice journey is purely advantageous — consult with your physician before sticking to this superfood.

Choose The Best Red Yeast Rice Supplement

Red yeast rice has been revered since ancient times and continues to be recognized as an effective ally against inflammation, hypercholesterolemia, and cardiovascular diseases

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