Prepare to Repair: Tips and Tricks for Controlling Your Sugar Intake This Halloween

Let’s be real, Halloween candy tastes different; there is something about a little Prepare to Repair: Tips and Tricks for Controlling Your Sugar Intake This Halloween 

Twix mini that tastes so much better when you’re in costume! But here’s the problem, what are you going to do with that post-trick-or-treating pillowcase full of candy come November 1st?

Now we know a couple of pieces of candy are not going to do any real harm, but it is important to consider the effects of sugar on your overall health. Simple carbohydrates, like candy and processed snacks, are digested and absorbed more rapidly than their whole-grain counterparts. This rapid absorption of simple sugars causes your blood glucose to spike and fall more quickly, creating that sugar “high” and “crash”. Although the sugar high might feel great in the moment, crashing leaves you feeling tired, hungry, and irritable.  

This Halloween season, we’re sharing six tips and tricks to prepare our digestive system ahead of time to repair the sugar high by focusing on a well-balanced diet, exercise, and hydration! 


1. Combine your treats with fiber and healthy fats. 

Adding fiber (like our Whole Food Organic Fiber and Raw Organic Green Banana Powder) and healthy fats (like avocados, nuts, and seeds) help slow gastric emptying. Delaying this process means that simple carbohydrates (like candy, processed foods, and white grains) are digested slower, preventing a rapid spike in blood sugar.

2. Increase your fruit/vegetable intake.

Before jumping into the candy stash for a snack, try choosing fruits or veggies first! These can help curb your carbohydrate cravings and balance out your diet. If you have a sweet tooth, try having a banana or apple with some peanut butter and dark chocolate chips for a sweet treat!

3. Add fresh fruits and herbs to your water for a flavor burst.

Next time you reach for the soda, try making refreshing fruit-infused water instead! Sodas are full of sugar, calories, and no nutritive value. Choosing diet soda is a step in the right direction, but if you want to switch over to a healthy and hydrating beverage instead, try adding a couple of slices of citrus fruit and mint to a glass of still or sparkling water. 

4. Opt for healthier candies and chocolates. 

Compared to milk chocolate, dark chocolate has less than half the sugar and is rich in antioxidants (which can help reduce inflammation). Instead of reaching for a caramel-y, cookie-y, nougat-y, milk chocolate candy, grab a dark chocolate piece instead! If you want an extra crunch factor, choose something with nuts for a little bit of protein. 

5. Try taking our Digest All + Liver X to fight digestive discomfort.*

This powerful duo is here to take your gut health to the next level by aiding in digestion! 

Digest All is a powerful combination of digestive enzymes that relieves gastric discomfort following meals that are larger than normal or are not a part of your regular diet. The enzymes found in Digest All can function in a wide range of pH values, making it highly effective when it comes to digesting carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Liver X works to keep your liver functioning properly by aiding in the detoxification process. The ingredients found in Liver X work to increase the antioxidant potential to prevent damage from free radicals. Whether you’ve overdosed on candy, drank too much at your neighbor’s Halloween party, or just want to maximize your health, Liver X is here for you.  

6. Get your body moving. 

Engaging in light to moderate exercise following a heavy meal (or even too much candy) can help your body jump start the digestive process and help you burn energy faster. 

7. Choose unsweetened or lower sugar versions of processed beverages and snacks.

Have you ever checked the nutrition label of some processed foods to see the added sugar content? Some products will shock you! Fortunately, some brands make an unsweetened or low-sugar option to the high sugar alternative. Opting for the lower sugar or even unsweetened version is a great choice and an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. The sugars in whole foods like fresh fruits and dairy products are natural and are less of a concern than their additives counterparts. 

As always, it is essential to live a #lifeinbalance, so if you want to eat that piece of candy, eat it!


** These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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