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DeliveryRank has the opportunity and privilege to chat with CEO of MRM Nutrition, Mark Olson. His vast experience in the world of nutritional products and his scientific background paved the way for Mark to launch this incredibly successful company in 1996. Mark gives us a glimpse into his world of nutritional supplements and why we should all be taking MRM (Metabolic Response Modifiers).

How did MRM Nutrition start out in this world, and what are its core values?

MRM is a brand I started in 1996 and was ultimately the expression of what I wanted to see on the market. Before I started MRM I formulated for a couple of companies and contract manufacturers and had a pretty extensive professional background in the nutrition and health space. 

The long and the short of it was that I was impatient and completely unimpressed with the formulations that were on the market at the time.  I found the supplement industry to be entirely lacking in depth as a whole, so I decided to create my own brand. I started with DHEA, ALA, pregnenolone, and some Omega-3 formulations and melatonin and ingredients that I had previously brought out for other people and expanded from there. 

Originally, it was designed to be a “doctor's only” line as I thought my products were a little too sophisticated for the public. I thought MDs would be more receptive but this was not the case, I started getting more and more requests from stores (Wholefoods at the time, for example) and so I started building relationships with these businesses. I did no advertising whatsoever. MRM was based on relationships and educational support and this was how MRM was first given shelf space.

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