6 Ways to Stay on Track This Holiday Season

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, don’t forget to maintain balance between your mental, social, and physical health! The months of November and December are full of family gatherings, holiday traditions, and most importantly, good food and drinks (right!?). That’s why it is so important to check in with yourself, your mind, and most importantly, your gut to make sure you’re maintaining balance amongst the holiday hullabaloo. 

If you’re looking for ways to check in with your body and stay balanced this holiday season, we got you. Check out this list of ways to stay on track! 

1. Remember the veggies:

Let’s be honest. When we think of the holiday season, we think Christmas cookies, pumpkin and pecan pies, candy canes and not brussel sprouts, carrots (unless it’s for a snowman), or bananas. Now this is OK, but if we want to keep our digestive system in check and stay healthy we can’t forget to get in at least 4-6 servings of vegetables a day.

2. Hang up to hangout:

Turn the tv off, set your phone aside, shut the laptop and just take some time to check in with yourself mentally. A quick 10-15 minute meditation session can do wonders for mental focus and clarity. Try it out next time you feel stressed out this season.

3. Get in those steps:

Not only is it a good idea to get moving post-turkey dinner, it’s extremely beneficial to get out and move daily. Walking is a great low-stress exercise that not only aids in the overall digestive process, but helps get in those 10,000 steps!

4. Slow down at the table:

Raise your hand if you're done with your first plate of Thanksgiving dinner in 15 minutes? Don’t worry, we get excited too when those mashed potatoes make their way around the table. This year, challenge yourself to slow down at the table and really reflect on what you’re thankful for. Eating slower can help aid the digestive process and leads to better nutrient absorption, not to mention you will probably be more in touch with how full you feel! 

5. Support your body with a Wellness Kit:

Looking for something to support your health this season? We’ve curated the BEST wellness kit to help you survive the holiday with these core focuses in mind: 1) digestion 2) detoxification 3) stress and 4) immune health. Our goal was to highlight products that can help you stay on track this season by focusing on the concerns that most people have around this time of year. Digestive issues? We’ve got Digest-All for that. Need a new party trick? Meet Liver-X, In-laws got you stressed? Say hello to Relax-All. Feeling sniffly? Our fizzy Sparkling Vitamin C has got your back.

6. Add more fermented foods to your diet:

What do yogurt, sauerkraut, and kombucha all have in common? They’re all fermented! These foods (and more) contain beneficial bacteria, prebiotics and probiotics, that help support and fuel the good bacteria in your gut! Not into the fermented foods? Don’t worry, we’ve also got a whole line of probiotics that support your gut health too!

What’s your favorite trick for staying on track? Shoot us a DM and tell us how you like to find balance during the holidays! 

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