Nourishing Needy Schoolchildren

Children are the lifeblood of our future, and we believe in nourishing those young bodies and minds. That’s why we continually donate nutritious protein shakes to disadvantaged schoolchildren so they can perform better in school and relationships—and grow to become healthy functioning adults. Our goal is to nourish more young people each year, then monitor and recognize their outstanding achievements.

Rehabilitating Teens

MRM Nutrition continues to directly improve the lives of people in our communities. Teen Challenge is one program where we’ve helped inner city teens and gang members become functioning members of society; Steering them away from crime; Helping them heal from substance abuse and addictions; Engaging these young adults to create something fulfilling, real and productive.

At MRM Nutrition, we believe in guiding and supporting people on their healthy journey. Since proper nutrition plays a huge part in healthy mind, body and spirit—we’ve engaged these young people in finding their balanced relationship with nutrition and food on a journey of their very own existence—through cultivating urban gardens.

Previously unemployed and despondent, we show beneficiaries how to develop and grow on a provided plot of land, along with tools, organic fertilizers, and relationships with farmers markets. They can keep whatever grows, or load produce onto a truck (also provided) and sell at the market.

In the process, young adults will detox, build new identity, learn a trade and skills, spark motivation, and regain self-esteem. Finding accountability and responsibility while making something with their own two hands is a rare find on today’s inner city streets.

To date, we’ve helped over 150 young adults stay clean and get on the right path—and that number is growing. Teen Challenge so far has served over 200,000 men, women and children in Southern California.

Rescuing Women & Children

Lydia House provides services, care and hope for women and children in the face of abuse, addiction, financial hardship and abandonment. MRM Nutrition leads food and nutrition education programs so guests can learn to prepare healthy balanced meals. We also donate vital supplements, protein and other nutrition products as part of cultivating optimal health—so guests can be better equipped mentally, emotionally, and physically as they venture forth to achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

Wildlife Welfare

Land Animals

MRM Nutrition formulas are made with love for animal welfare—and we never do any animal testing. Like you, we continuously seek to nurture a healthy future for both you and the planet. MRM Nutrition demands sensitivity to wildlife and habitat in growing our ingredients, with sustainable farming practices that also tread lightly on the natural environment. Last, we respect animals’ vital role in a truly balanced ecology.

Marine Life

Beyond wildlife on land, we also directly support healthy oceans and marine life through Blue Voice, by donating a portion of MRM Nutrition annual product sales. Blue Voice is making a difference in helping to protect dolphins, whales, and other treasured marine creatures. For both marine wildlife and humans, Blue Voice continues to fight for clean oceans—and reduce the harmful levels of toxins in the marine environment, including mercury, PCBs, and persistent organic pollutants.

MRM Nutrition also actively participates in these marine ecology endeavors:

  • Friends of the Sea Lions—When a sick or injured sea lion is stranded on Laguna’s shore, the Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center sends teams of volunteers to the rescue.
  • Agua Hedionda Foundation—Preserving the 400-acre lagoon Agua Hedionda Lagoon as an accessible and healthy watershed, which is home to unique variety of flora and fauna.
  • Harbor and beach cleanups—Annual sponsorship and physical cleanups at Oceanside Beach, Carlsbad Beach, and Agua Hedionda Lagoon.

Learning From Nature

Finally, MRM Nutrition vigilantly studies and nurtures Nature’s own techniques to ensure naturally regenerative farming environments. Regenerative agriculture takes proactive measures to replenish the earth, rather than gamble with the potential long-term consequences of standard farming practices.1 We demand all organic fertilizer techniques, all organic pest control, and balanced, regenerative farming techniques that maintain soil nutrition. For example: Giving vital microbes time and opportunity to regenerate soil nutrients on their own; Or, providing a healthy ecology for bees to thrive and naturally pollinate.

1 Natural Products Insider