Total Sustainability in Harmony With Nature

MRM Nutrition values relationships based on trust and that’s where healthy nutrition solutions start: Relationships with our growers and suppliers, employees, customers, community, nature and the environment. Such relationships enable us to consistently deliver all-natural, non-GMO, real organic, responsibly sourced and traceable nutrition formulas made with love for animal welfare and plant ecology.

100% Transparent

Every MRM Nutrition product displays nutrition facts, proper certifications, etc. Absolutely nothing is hidden.

End-To-End Control

Separating MRM Nutrition from many others is that we are in charge of both all raw materials and all manufacturing processes. In fact, we’re in control from beginning to end—from harvest to processing to packaging—with rigorous testing and re-testing at every step.

Responsible Sourcing From Farms and Growers

MRM Nutrition directly assesses every ingredient source, every farm, every grower—to ensure proper certifications, land management, maintaining nutrients in the soil, farmer fairness, and sensitivity to wildlife habitat.

MRM Nutrition primarily sources certified organic, non-GMO ingredients from USA-based farms. If we can’t find sources that meet our stringent requirements and guidelines, we nurture relationships with non-USA growers who do. Depending on country of origin, we seek out support from local governments to foster fair trade practices, certify organic, and generally help them along the right path.

Learning From Nature

Finally, MRM Nutrition vigilantly studies and nurtures Nature’s own techniques to ensure naturally regenerative farming environments. Regenerative agriculture takes proactive measures to replenish the earth, rather than gamble with the potential long-term consequences of standard farming practices.1 We demand all organic fertilizer techniques, all organic pest control, and balanced, regenerative farming techniques that maintain soil nutrition. For example: Giving vital microbes time and opportunity to regenerate soil nutrients on their own; Or, providing a healthy ecology for bees to thrive and naturally pollinate.

1 Natural Products Insider