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  • Beta-alanine delays fatigue
  • Beta-alanine increases time to exhaustion
  • Beta-alanine supplementation increases total work done during aerobic exercise.
  • Beta-alanine may increase endurance performance

It is not often that supplements marketed as performance enhancers or ergogenic aids, actually have science to back up their claims. Our CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine is patented and has 55 studies to prove it’s an effective performance enhancer and lean muscle builder.

Beta-alanine works as a performance enhancer by helping to buffer your muscles so you can work out with higher intensity for a longer period of time.** As a muscle buffer beta-alanine improves recovery time between workouts by mitigating the damage done during workouts that result in extra rest or increased soreness.** This allows you to get back to working out and maintaining high level workouts on a consistent basis, which leads to better lean muscle building.** This makes beta-alanine a must have if you are looking to extend endurance, speed recovery time, enhance mental focus, and build better overall muscle.**

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Beta-alanine and histidine are two amino acids that make up the di-peptide carnosine, a powerful antioxidant and pH buffer. Carnosine is found throughout the body in muscle tissue, but specifically in skeletal muscle. Research shows that skeletal muscle carnosine levels are correlated with performance during high-intensity exercise with higher carnosine levels leading to better performance. Since histidine is so readily available the rate-limiting step for carnosine production is Beta-Alanine.

Getting beta-alanine alone through diet doesn’t provide enough carnosine production to provide ergogenic or performance enhancing benefits. Supplementation with beta-alanine has shown to increase carnosine level as well as benefits such as: extended endurance, enhanced recovery time, improved mental focus and muscle synthesis.

Beta-alanine provides these benefits because carnosine is an important metabolic buffer in skeletal muscle, which means it helps maintain the pH balance in muscles to so they work intensely for longer before fatigue and cramping. It used to be thought that lactic acid was the culprit, but new research has proven that hydrogen ions are responsible for muscles becoming more acidic during intense exercise causing this fatigue and damage. Hydrogen ions are a byproduct of energy metabolism and lactic acid production, which causes a burning sensation in yours muscles when you workout and does damage through creating and allowing free radicals to proliferate. This low pH affects ion channels and muscle contraction and relaxation begin to be compromised. Beta-alanine helps keep carnosine levels up which buffers the hydrogen ions and keep the pH from dropping in order to delay fatigue and increase performance.

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