There are so many pre-workout myths and legends out there, but here, they’ve been debunked!

Supplements, even the word, have a bad rap thanks to all those “hardcore” supplement companies out there making ridiculous claims for their products while using low-quality, unnatural, and sometimes unsafe ingredients. Pre-workout especially gets a bad rap thanks to all the crazy bodybuilding guys literally screaming until red in the face about how amazing it is for their steroid-grown muscles. No wonder people are afraid! We’re here to bust the myths, questions, and concerns revolving around pre-workouts!

Myth: Not everyone can take pre-workout.

Pre-workouts are energy boosting supplements that also provide you with increased stamina and focus throughout your training sessions. The boost of energy will help to get you motivated to start your workout with determination, push yourself to peak performance levels, and finish your workout completely satisfied.

The harder you work, and the more you train your muscles, the more likely you are to gain muscle- not enough to get bulky (that’s actually REALLY difficult), but enough to get that toned and lean look we all strive for. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, meaning you will constantly burn more calories just by sitting! Yay for more muscles!

Myth: pre-workout is only for men.

Absolutely NOT. There’s a common misconception that pre-workouts are only made for those giant steroid induced macho-muscle-men, or that they’re the only people who work hard enough to need a pre-workout boost.


Anyone who needs a little extra energy or motivation can benefit from taking a pre-workout. Heck, you can even use pre-workout as a coffee substitute or to help you get over that infamous midday work slump!

Tip: Getting yourself to the location you choose to work out- whether it’s a gym, a park, or your own living room, can be the most difficult part of a fitness routine. One way to help make this easier is to start a ritual of sorts that you practice before working out. Mixing up and sipping on your pre-workout 20-30 minutes before you plan on exercising can help you to get mentally prepared to kick some serious butt! The pre-workout helps to start things off by giving you a boost of energy, setting a time frame for when you should start your training, and helping to get you excited to do something truly healthy for yourself! Getting yourself into the mindset that you’re body has all of this extra energy to use, speicifically for working out, can completely change your attitude and focus.
Yay for self-love and taking care of our precious bodies!

Myth: Pre-workout will make me feel sick and jittery!

Not all pre-workouts are created equal- ingredients really do matter, and the higher quality ingredients and better formulations will help to keep those sickly jittery feelings at bay. There are tons of pre-workouts out there that are loaded with ingredients that can make you feel nauseous, jittery, and anxious. Look for products that are made with natural ingredients that don’t cause jitters, an energy crash, and only have safe amounts of caffeine, like MRM Driven!

That being said, if you are someone who doesn’t drink coffee or tea, or is sensitive to caffeine in general, a pre-workout may affect you more intensely than the standard American who drinks, on average, 1-3 cups of coffee or other caffeinated beverages a day. We suggest starting with only half a serving! This will decrease the amount of caffeine and other energy boosting ingredients you consume giving you a smaller dosage amount to see how, or even if, this small amount affects you. From here you can decide if half a serving is enough for you, or if you think a full serving would do you better.

Should I take pre-workout on an empty stomach?

This is generally up to you. While many people and companies recommend taking pre-workout on an empty stomach, you should do what makes you most comfortable. Some people can take pre-workout on an empty stomach and feel just fine, others who are more sensitive can experience stomach and digestive discomfort. If you do take pre-workout with a meal, eat about 20 minutes before you drink it and make the meal small and something your body can easily digest so you’re not dealing with digestive discomfort from food during your sweat session.

Sometimes, whether you take pre-workout on an empty stomach or not, you can get a tingling or prickling sensation that can last for a few minutes. This is common when using our pre-workout, Driven. This is nothing to be scared of, it is actually a good thing! One of the ingredients, Carnosine Beta-Alanine, helps to open up the blood vessels allowing for more blood to be circulated during training. When this ingredient is opening up those vessels, that is when you can feel that flushing sensation. Many people are also sensitive to it when they first start taking Driven but notice that their reactions become less and less noticeable as time goes on. Again, nothing to be worried about- it’s actually a sign that the product is working and your body is getting ready to work at peak performance levels!

Myth: If I take pre-workout I won’t be able to sleep at night.

This depends on how sensitive you are to caffeine. If you can drink coffee at 5 pm and still fall asleep at your bedtime, then drinking a pre-workout shouldn’t be too different. On the other hand, if you have a coffee at 5 pm, or even earlier, and you know it keeps you up and restless past when you like to “hit the hay”, you should avoid taking a pre-workout, or the full dosage, that late in the day.

If you workout in the morning a pre-workout should not keep you up all night and not be an issue of concern for you.

As always- it is best used to your discretion. Start with a smaller dose to see how it affects you then alter it to your preference from there. You may want to try out a pre-workout for the first time on a weekend or a day where you don’t have to wake up so early the next morning, just to caution on the crazy super-duper safe side.

How long before a training session should I take pre-workout?

We recommend taking MRM Driven pre-workout about 20-35 minutes before you start your training session. This gives your body ample time to digest the supplement to let it start working throughout the body, and boost your energy and focus so you can start and finish your workout strong.

Myth: Pre-workout doesn’t do anything.

If you are used to drinking caffeinated beverages, like coffee, teas, and sodas, your tolerance level may be higher than the suggested does. You may want to consider limiting the amount of caffeine you take in daily to help avoid adrenaline fatigue and bring your bodies tolerance back down to a lower level.

Myth: Pre-workout is really unhealthy.

It depends what kind of pre-workout you’re taking. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with supplements that contain ingredients we wouldn’t recommend ingesting as they fall too far away from being natural and necessary. MRM uses natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced. We also test our quality ingredients and products to ensure they’re both safe enough to be used every day and effective.

What makes MRM Driven the best pre-workout choice?

Driven is made with natural and safe ingredients that never include artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Driven is a pre-workout supplement made from pure ingredients like natural hydrating extracts, amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. All of these, combined with caffeine from tea, help to increase stamina, energy, and endurance while sharpening mental clarity and focus.

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