3 Easy back-to-school recipes!

It’s that time of year- back-to-school! How exciting, right? With a new schedule comes new routines, and the easiest way to make life easier is to meal prep with easy and simple recipes!

Whether you use these recipes for yourself or your kiddos, and whether you’re going back-to-school or simply going to work, you can rest assured you’ll be full, healthy, and satisfied… not to mention wishing you had more because they’re so dang tasty!

Each back-to-school easy to make recipe uses a specific superfood, and for good reason. The first is taste- because let’s be real, we all want our food to taste GREAT! The second reason is the nutritional benefits! Each boasts their own specific “good for you” vitamins and minerals. We’ll give you a little info on which one we used and why 🙂 The third- the colors make the food so vibrant and isn’t that just so much fun? And what’s life if we can’t have a little fun?! To get the recipe, just click on their names!

Alright- let’s check out these amazing superfood packed back-to-school recipes…


This pasta recipe takes no more than 20 minutes to make, and you can easily double up to prep for more people or more days. You pop a tub of this out at lunch and everyone else will be drooling over your shoulder! Also- to keep this gluten-free all you need to do is substitute your favorite gluten-free noodles, or try out zoodles (zucchini shredded to look like spaghetti)!

Superfood Used: Moringa

Why? Moringa is packed full of protein, fiber, Vitamins A & C, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, and Chlorophyll. Moringa is great for helping to balance blood sugar levels, electrolyte levels, and balancing pH levels! Plus the fiber and protein help to keep us fuller, longer… and aid in digestion. By adding this superfood green to the pesto recipe you get all of the nutritional benefits without sacrificing flavor!


This taco salad is seriously SO. DANG. GOOD. One thing to note- the recipe does call to marinate your chicken overnight before cooking! You could always opt for a store-bought pre-marinated chicken if that makes it easier and simply sprinkle or rub the Maca Superfood all over the chicken before cooking. Either way- this recipe is still super easy! Plus, it looks really cool and appetizing when you pack it up in a mason jar. Insta-worthy, delicious, and healthy: win-win-win!

Superfood Used: Maca

Why? Maca root has been used for centuries and is an adaptogenic herb. This means it helps our bodies adapt to different stressors- whether it’s stress from a busy day at work or from hitting the gym a little too hard, maca is there to help recover! Plus, maca has been known to help improve mental clarity, strength, energy, stamina, endurance, and virility. Maca also tastes bomb.com- it’s slightly nutty and sweet and can be used in desserts but still earthy enough to work amazing in savory dishes, like this chicken salad!


An egg salad sandwich has NEVER tasted so good! Seriously- the turmeric lends just a little kick of that earthy flavor and makes the color POP like no other. Don’t worry- it’s not super stinky, and the radishes and cucumbers pair so well you’ll be wishing you packed two sandwiches instead of one. Also- this recipe is really easy to make gluten-free- just sub out the bread for your favorite gluten-free substitute!

Superfood Used: Turmeric

Why? Turmeric is famous for its traditional use in Indian dishes and that gorgeous, vibrant yellow-orange color. Now, it’s gaining even more popularity as it’s amazing anti-inflammatory benefits are being exposed to the world. Turmeric has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat digestive, skin, and liver issues along with being used topically to help assist in wound healing. While we don’t recommend smearing this egg salad all over your face, we do recommend eating it and enjoying all the benefits and flavor!