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Made For The Human Adventure

You set high expectations for your body, mind, activities, community and relationships. So do we—setting our bar higher and diving deeper into the intricacies and wisdom of what makes holistic organic nutrition outperform for you.

Active Lifestyle

Complete Nutrition For The Active New Trailblazers

You are the new trailblazers. The new pioneers. Passionate. Motivated. Compassionate. Activated. Life experience-driven. Risk takers. Adrenalin and nutrition-fueled. Big wave surfers. Farmers. Rescue workers. Mountaineers. Super dads. Super moms. The grandmas and grandpas chasing grandkids up and down the stairs, kiteboarding, and sweeping across the dance floor like years ago.



Recharge, Repair, and Ready for Your Next Adventures

Our bodies rely on the right balance of healthy omega fats and lipids, vitamins, minerals, proteins and other plant-based nutrients to recharge and repair. Formulated for our own families and loved ones, MRM Nutrition delivers the most balanced and holistic array of vegan, non-GMO and organic nutrition choices to help you prevail with a healthy and vibrant life. 



Complete, Balanced, Animal-Free Replenishment for Vegans and Vegetarians

A healthy vegan life may feel like a struggle at times. Even though you know you’re on the right path, it can seem like a lonely road. Rest assured you’re not at all alone, because the movement is growing, and MRM Nutrition fully embraces the vegan lifestyle you’ve chosen. At MRM Nutrition, we share your higher standards, ethics and healthy vegan commitments; Love for animals and the environment; Making the healthiest choices for yourself and your family.


MRM Nutrition for Moms

When you’re a mother—either during pregnancy or post-partum—you know that what you consume directly affects your baby. We understand the weight of this responsibility and know that you demand only the best for you and your child.

MRM Nutrition for a Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is based on the idea that the human body is genetically mismatched to modern farmed foods and refined grains—and a potential contributing factor to today’s prevalence of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Responsible Sourcing & Tracebility

MRM Nutrition directly assesses every ingredient source, every farm, every grower—to ensure proper certifications, land management, maintaining nutrients in the soil, farmer fairness, and sensitivity to wildlife habitat.


Social Responsibility

At MRM Nutrition, we believe in guiding and supporting people on their healthy journey. Proper nutrition plays a huge part in healthy mind, body and spirit.


Our Certifications